Like any other purely visual medium, it is hard to describe a hologram in words. And because holography is more than just a picture, it is hard to show it on a postcard.
Holography is so much more than just a 3-D image. It can display time, motion, fantastic colours; it can be interactive and is capable of capturing the qualities of light itself.
Unfortunately, the general public sometimes does not share this view. When the first holograms appeared - mainly just straightforward 3-D images of solid objects - they satisfied our curiosity about this new visual phenomenon. But the novelty soon wore off, especially when it became evident that unrealistic expectations of holography - holographic TV and so on - would not materialise.
I think that artists need to view holography as one of a multitude of alternative media with which to express ideas. Some of the most successful holographic works are those which are used within installations for specific effects, rather than being viewed like a typical hologram on a wall.
Working like this, holography can break down some of the prejudices towards it, and be more easily accessible to the fickle fine art world and the public in general.

Curriculum Vitae
Fellowships & Awards:
Prudential Insurance R.C.A. Photography Prize. 1988
Fulbright Arts Fellowship in Light Transmission. 1989 (One year grant to work, study & travel in U.S.A.)
New Horizons Award 1990
International Society for the Arts, Sciences & Technology. (Leonardo)
Museum of Holography, New York, NY. 1991 Direct Grant Award (materials)
Fellow in Media Arts 1991 Kunsthochschule fur Medien Koln
Monbusho (Japanese Government Award) grant to study new media at Tsukuba University, Japan 1994

Museum of Holography, New York, NY. 1989-90 One Years Artist in Residence.
Holocentre. Long Island City, NY 2 week residences. 2001 & 2003

Solo Shows
Discreetly Bizarre Gallery, 1989 . New Cavendish St, London.
Museum of Holography “10 Dogs & Other Holograms” 1990, New York, NY.
Museum of Holographie & Neue Visuelle Medien, Pulheim. Germany “Sightseeing in the City of Light” 1991
Royal College of Art Link Gallery. Darwin Building. London 1992
Birmingham Photography Festival 1992
Impakt Festival, EKKO, Utrecht, Holland. 1992
Art House, Takasaki and Neuse Gallery, Maiebashi, Gunma-ken. Japan. 1995
Butler Museum of Art. Youngstown, Ohio. 2001-2005
Hereford College of Art Selected Works,. 2009
University Hospital Coventry Photography project with Beyond Design. 2009

Group Shows
Diorama, London. Palace of Light: 1988
“The Thinking Image”:
R.P.S. Bath, U.K. 1989
Newcastle Polytechnic Gallery 1989
University of Strathclyde, Collins Gallery: Scotland 1989
National Science Museum, Haifa, Israel 1989-90
Visionen Gurzenich, Koln, Germany 1991
Sheffield Media Show Sheffield City Polytechnic. 1992
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan 1994
Earls Court Irregulars. Gallery 286. Earls Court. 2008
Holograms. The first 60 Years. Willis Museum Basingstoke. UK 2010

Born Chelsea, London, 1960
London College of Printing. 1979
General foundation course in graphic arts.
West Surrey College of Art. 1980-84
B.A. Hons in Photography.
Royal College of Art. 1985-88
M.A. in Photography & Holography.