Messing around with lightpainting

Have just started experimenting with two new techniques.
One is a multiple camera set up (before, I just had a camera on a very slow rail, designed for macro photography)
. This means that I can take all the exposures I need at once.

This should animate but I guess that I will have to work on that too!


Globe Trotting

Travelling is going to be different post Lockdown. Working away in splendid isolation here in the Welsh Marches. Got some $ from the Arts Council of Wales to get some materials so, that's what I'm going to do and work away.


Catching some Rays!

Have been working in splendid isolation during lockdown and the work is going very well.
This piece is called Catching some Rays and is a homage to Man Ray. It is based on a work by him called Cadeau.


The UFO's get the bug!

Seeing if this new animated gif works on here.
"Lets not go there again!"

UFOs over Los Angeles.

Having fun today using 3D and 2D images. Flying Saucers over Los Angeles. They are working so well. It is such a shame that no one will see them for a while. They really don't work over the web and have to been seen in real life. Practically impossible in todays climate.


Parking is getting tight around here!


Got a coffee high today!

Coffee features big in the studio this week and not just it's consumptionUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_39c2UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_39c1

Studio very tidy for open day today!


Micro Mayhem at Gallery 286

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_396fHad a terrific oppening and finissage at Gallery 286 in Earl's Court. London. More photos to follow soon



Studio Moves next door


an ambulance in Grosmont

For a private commission!QQvhVqgsST+RACStHCzddg_thumb_1fca

Lunar Lander framed today! Hope this gif animates


Love Hearts photo recording


Arts Council Wales come through!

Got funding today to learn how to make Lenticular Images. A mighty big thank you to the Arts Council, Wales. Got to crack on now
Toodle pip

studio fills with Junk

Rocket has a staring role

and then the laminator (even heavier)


The Printer arrives


moved into the new studio in Pontrilas